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XOXO Droplets on Steam Greenlight!

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XOXO Droplets Now on Greenlight!

XOXO Droplets is massive. I mean. REALLY massive. Developed by GB Patch, this otome dating sim features up to 14 boyfriend options and promises over 30+ hours of content. There are hundreds of events, optional minigames, the ability to set up dates with the boy of your dreams, and other features to keep the player invested in XOXO Droplets for a very long time.

Story Synopsis

It all begins when our nameable protagonist finally transfers into the boarding school of her dreams. It would be perfect if it wasn’t for that little catch attached to her enrollment: her parents will only allow her to continue attending the school if she doesn’t make everyone hate her, like last time.

Do your best to show just enough interest in the other losers around to appease the folks while still having time to chase after all the attractive guys in the MC’s afterschool group, which just so happens to be a group for chronically unfriendable people.” – Excerpt from Steam

Bird Impressions

I want to give you an impression of the the XOXO Droplets demo, but considering that the playtime for that alone is 4-5 hours, I think I’m gonna need a weekend to cover this game proper. You can color me impressed though. It’s not often that a dating sim catches my eye. The fact that all the romanceable characters are weird and quirky is interesting and different, and this game just begs to be immersed in. I’ll be aiming to do a followup on the demo in the near future, promise!

Sample the Game

XOXO Droplets Demo

Let the Voting Commence!

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