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Visual Novel Bundle Sale on InvertMouse Games

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Visual Novel Bundle Sale – InvertMouse Games

There are many notable visual novel developers that have made an impact on the current developers of this type of platform. One such veteran is InvertMouse, who will be releasing their latest game, The Last Birdling, on September 1st. To celebrate the release, they have put all their games into a bundle sale. This bundle includes 6 games and their respective soundtracks and artbooks for the low price of $17.74. You can also buy the games individually at lowered prices.

Bermuda – $2.99

Synopsis – Bermuda is a visual novel mixed with open ended stealth gameplay. Trapped in an alien submarine, Edward’s faith in other living beings will be tested in a tale of trust and deceit.

Unhack –  $0.99

Synopsis – Unhack is a visual novel x puzzle game. Combat the 5K Worm alongside fully voiced AI companions! Unhack’s tale explores the nature of greed behind a light hearted surface.

Without Within – Extra Edition – $1.99

Synopsis – Without Within is a short visual novel that explores the creative mind. This DLC to the FREE game includes the soundtrack and digital artbook.

Cursed Sight – $1.74

Synopsis – Being able to control fate would be a blessing for many. To Miyon, it is her greatest curse. East and West Taria are in conflict, and Miyon’s power will be the most valuable weapon.

Without Within 2 – $1.24

Synopsis – Vinty is attending a calligraphy event over in Melbourne. At last, she will be able to meet Excelia, the world famous calligrapher. Determined to study and mimic her idol’s every move, will Vinty end up losing her identity?

Unhack 2 – $3.49

Synopsis – Four years after the Motherworm’s death, a masked AI known as Program X is threatening to throw cyberspace back into chaos.

Get Ready to Toss Your Cash at the Screen

Check out the InvertMouse Bundle on Steam for a Limited Time

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