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Tyranobuilder Spring Game Jam 2017

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Tyranobuilder Spring Game Jam!

Developers using the Tyranobuilder platform for their current projects are in luck! The creators of the visual novel platform are hosting a 2-month game jam, complete with guest judges and monetary prizes!

The Theme is “Fresh Starts”

“Sometimes we need a fresh start or life forces us to start anew; this jam’s theme will focus on stories were the characters are being thrown into a new world whether literally or figuratively.” – Excerpt from Jam Page

The game needs to be built in Tyranobuilder and be approximately 30 minutes long.

Start and End Dates

The Tyranojam is well under way! May 6th, 2017 is the last date to send in entries to the jam. Afterwards, there will be a one-month judging period before the winners will be announced and prizes will be dispersed.

The Judges

I love the idea of having judges view my game. That’s one thing that makes Tyranojam stand out in the sea of game jams. This year’s judges are the following:

My Experience

As a past participant of this game jam, I can’t recommend it enough. Tyranojam is a powerful program for new and experienced developers. It has some quirks, but the community is always helpful with solving problems. With a 2-month period to develop a game, it’s a lot less stressful for hobbyists who can only afford to work on their projects part time! As a result, I’m thinking to join this jam myself!

TyranoJam It Up!

Finally, for more information about the game jam and Tyranobuilder in general, be sure to check out the links below!

Tyranobuilder Spring Game Jam Page

Purchase Tyranobuilder on Steam

Tyranobuilder Discussion Group


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