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KONOL Games Announces Sex Robot Road Trip

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Sex Robot Road Trip Trailer

Submitted by KONOL GAMES~

KONOL Games has just released a trailer for Sex Robot Road Trip, a surreal interactive comedy with the structure of a Choose Your Own Adventure book but the pacing of a Twitter rant.

You play as Beretta Mondatta, a fun-loving maybe-psychopath who meets a runaway robot named Eva 58008. Together, they steal a car and go on a road trip across rural Pennsylvania.

The game features 13 wildly different endings, a cast of colorfully animated characters, and an eclectic soundtrack that includes indie rock, extreme metal, country, and early-twentieth-century phonographs. You can reach an ending in under 20 minutes or spend a couple hours finding them all — the game encourages multiple replays with minimal repeated content and an easy-to-use skip function.

Created with Ren’Py (the engine behind Ladykiller in a Bind and One Night Stand), Sex Robot Road Trip is part of a growing community of low-budget narrative games with a strong authorial voice. Unlike other titles that take a more novel-like approach, the story of Sex Robot Road Trip is told entirely through short bursts of dialogue and lo-fi animation, with several meaningful and minor choices scattered throughout.

So what will you do in rural Pennsylvania with a sex robot, a stolen car, and a full tank of gas?

Release Date Details

Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux in late spring. Price tentatively $5 USD.

Any Graphic Content?

Despite the title, Sex Robot Road Trip doesn’t contain graphic sexual content, although there is swearing, innuendo, and cartoon violence.

Praise for Previous Titles

“Quite funny… It’s the sort of game that’s a lot more polished than it first appears.”—PyTom, creator of Ren’Py

“You ever play a game, like maybe Fallout, and they give you all these great choices? I want to do all these things! You can punch the dead husband? I wanna go punch the dead husband!”—SuperPaulGames, Youtuber

“WHY IS MY FOOT TALKING TO ME?”—Mid-Knight Scribbles, Youtuber

About KONOL Games

 KONOL Games (short for King of No Limbs) is an independent developer of interactive stories based out of NYC. Its previous games include the existential horror comedy Kill Your Refrigerator (2016), the healthcare satire/punching simulator Banality Man (2016), and the ultraviolent dating sim Beretta Mondatta (2015).

Links To Find Out More!

KONOL Games Website


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