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Sounds of Her Love on Greenlight!

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Sounds of Her Love now on Greenlight!

Sounds of Her Love is looking for votes on Steam Greenlight! Developed by ds-sans, this romantic visual novel is about discovering new friendship and a blossoming love. Transferring to schools aren’t all that bad when you find someone like Ceri, a warmhearted but shy girl of Welsh origin.

Story Synopsis

In the midst of their hearts, something is blossoming between two students. Both of whom go about their daily lives at an international school in Tokyo.

Just what is flowering? Of course, it’s love.

Starting your new life after transferring into an international school, you find yourself dismayed when it turns out to be the same as any other. Except for one thing… or person, rather. As your newly founded relationship increasingly tightens with the girl you just met, find out what there is to learn about each other as your lives intertwine with one another, discovering things about her stashed away behind a veil of timidity.

Extra Goodies

With 3 different endings and roughly 40k words, Sounds of her Love should keep any visual novel enthusiast busy. Also, Ceri, the love interest, has quite possibly one of the cutest sprites I’ve seen in a while! I’d love to get to know her in this game! Also, the voice actress for Ceri is definitely perfect for the role. You can check out her sweet voice and some gameplay of the game down below!

Onto the Voting!

Vote for Sounds of Her Love on Steam Greenlight!

Follow the game’s development on Twitter!

Finally, if you want a game to play now, check out another game made by ds-sans that’s available for free on called Lost Impressions!

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