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Selenon Rising – Episode 2 Released!

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Selenon Rising – Episode 2

The latest episode in the Selenon Rising series has just been released! An episodic visual novel developed by Fastermind Games, the story continues from where episode 1 mysteriously ended off. Violet, lacking a partner and questioning the bureau, must decide who are her true allies all while keeping up the facade of SPECTRA agent for as long as she can. New friends, new enemies, and even more tantalizing mystery awaits.


Mystery, Sci-Fi, Supernatural


“With her faith in the Bureau shaken, Violet decides to make a dangerous alliance. When a critical mission is hindered by corruption within the Bureau, her new allies may be her only hope of solving the case successfully. But, are they truly to be trusted, or is she just walking into a trap from which there is no escape? And, could there be an even more dangerous force lurking in the shadows?” ~ Excerpt from Steam

Bird Impressions

I played the first episode of Selenon Rising when it was first released on Steam last year, so I figured I’d better replay it first to remember all the things that happened.

To give a brief synopsis of the first episode – The earth has been been conquered by a powerful alien race. You play as Violet, an esper that uses her abilities to solve crimes and discover the truth. What initially appears to be a typical murder case turns into something so much more. Maybe there is a way to fight back against the aliens and save humanity after all!

The story is wonderful. Where one episode ends in mystery and uncertainty, the other picks up in action and determination. I finished off episode 1 and played straight through episode 2. I felt so engrossed in the world of Selenon Rising that I didn’t want to leave it! The world building is fantastic, and seeing it through Violet’s eyes just makes the tragedy of what happened in the past all the more apparent. There are also so many mysterious circumstances scattered throughout the game. I can’t make heads or tails of how the rest of the series will pan out, which leaves me all the more excited for future episodes.

Selenon Rising 1

Character development is top quality. You feel for Violet as she goes through multiple rough patches in her life and faces several challenges all for the sake of getting to the truth. Supporting characters are interesting in their own right while still containing that mysterious vibe that leaves a reader curious to learn more. The other SPECTRA agents alongside Violet are especially interesting, even the ones that get little screen time. They have a number of personality traits, yet can’t be defined by that alone. There are ulterior motives for each character, which makes understanding the cool and calm mind of Agent Blue or the violent tendencies of Agent Red all the more entertaining.

The neatness factor of this series comes in the form of various gameplay mechanics that come forth during interrogation scenes. Violet is an Esper who can read the emotions of those around her. As such, she finds herself playing detective during multiple cases. She’ll uncover clues in one area, then interrogate in the next, often utilizing her emotion-reading skills as well as the clues she’s found in order to find the truth.

It’s a fun gameplay mechanic, though definitely difficult at times. You get a few chances to make mistakes by picking the wrong clue or emotion while the scene plays out. I found myself constantly running out of chances, so I just ended up having to save the game every time I got something right. I don’t think that’s the fault of the developer, but rather how readers will view statements in different ways and learn to adapt from it for future cases.

Selenon Rising 2

These interrogations are also the most time-consuming portions of the game. In Episode 2, you’ll end up questioning more than one person and have more statements to read through. I liked the increased difficulty though. It felt like an adequate challenge, especially with the new ability that Violet unlocks called ‘Mind Break’. With Mind Break, Violet can choose to go into the past of the person she is interrogating. It making for some original scenes and unique story development in the process. I can’t wait to see how this ability is used in future episodes.

I really enjoyed Selenon Rising and am eager to see what the future holds for this series and for Violet. Can humanity be saved? It’s too early to tell or even guess at that. If you’re looking for an engaging story to keep you entertained for a few hours, check out this one.

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