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Second Chance Review

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Second Chance Review

Second Chance is a free visual novel developed by Aurora22 that focuses on the relationship of amnesic wild mage Aria and her male companions. The game is lengthy, but comes with a great twist in the middle of it all. You can also play your protagonist how you prefer. Will she be kind, a tease, or a troublemaker? With 11 different endings, Second Chance provides a great deal of replay-ability. I found myself playing the visual novel for hours, just to obtain more of them!


GxB, Romance, Adventure, Fantasy

Story Synopsis

You play as Aria – a girl who two years ago lost most of her memories in mysterious circumstances. This is a story of how her troubled past caught up with her and how she used this second chance she was given to change her former life… and maybe even find true love.” ~ Excerpt taken from

Bird Impressions

I found myself impressed with the storytelling of Second Chance. It can be difficult for me to keep going with longer visual novels because I often lose my focus. With this one, I was determined to get through the story as well as get the best ending with my love interest of choice.

Keep in mind, there were some frustrating moments. There are over 100 different choices throughout the game that can affect how close the characters get to the protagonist. I missed a couple answers and ended up being just friends with the companion I was interested in. Some choices can actually be tricky- you need to understand the motivations and expectations of your companions rather than always choose what seems to be the ideal choice.

For example, one character is very responsible and caring, but wants a lover who is able to make her own decisions and not be babied. Another character enjoys teasing and flirting, yet considering everything he does as merely a joke won’t increase his affection for you. It’s very neat, and really made me think hard on each decision I made. Believe me, there were multiple quick saves!

Second Chance 2

The art style is decent, though there are a few repeated backgrounds here and there. The music worked really well in blending in with each scene. The only thing I can be critical of are the various grammar and spelling mistakes dotted throughout the narrative. It’s definitely noticeable and distracted me a fair number of times while I was playing.

In spite of that, I really had a great time with Second Chance! It’s a free game with a lot of content and a bunch of heart. Just be certain to keep your saves handy so you can get the ending of your dreams!

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