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Red String of Fate now on Steam

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Red String of Fate – Free on Steam!

For those looking to increase their libraries a little more, Red String of Fate by Ebullience Games has been released on the Steam platform.


Slice of life, Comedy, Otome, Romance

Story Synopsis

Few understand Valerie’s determination to someday make her dream of traveling the world come true, but that’s because she has never shared the real reason. Born with the ability to see every person’s red string of fate leading them to their soulmate, Valerie is tortured by the fact that her own string is either conveniently invisible to her or so faint that it can hardly be seen, which can only mean that her soulmate is on the opposite side of the Earth. Of course, Valerie chooses to believe in the latter.

Now starting her first year in university, Valerie is struggling to balance her studies and her multiple part time jobs to save up for the money to fund her travels to search for her soulmate. Even though she has no intention to meet anyone and fall in love, it seems like fate has other plans for her — and she might just meet someone who will make her question what she has always wanted and believed in.

Where will Fate guide Me?

Clearly towards the download button on Steam, because this game looks great and has a supernatural concept I’ll enjoy checking out for myself. Despite being free, Red String of Fate appears to be a decent-sized game as well, sporting 70k words and 4 different endings.

Check out the trailer and links below for more information!

Red String of Fate on Steam

Red String of Fate on

Ebullience Games Website

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