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Omega Pattern Review

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Omega Pattern Review

Omega Pattern is a visual novel developed by Borakai Studio where you play as Shaiel, a 21-year old man who was born with powerful psychic abilities known only as the Pattern. He’s not alone with this ability, and this visual novel takes the player on a journey through past and present as Shaiel struggles to discover the truth about the secretive world around him.


Adventure, Action

Story Synopsis

The world where the Omega Pattern story happens is seemingly normal, similar to the one we live in. However, genetics and fate mean that a few individuals are born with a kind of Pattern or special brain signal which lets them develop unique and varied psychic skills that are determined by their life experiences, which form their behavior and character.

From the shadows, an organization known as Bioagora controls the world according to its own interests thanks to the power and influences that they get, in part, from their Agents. These Agents are people who own the Pattern and have been coerced, bought, forced and even captured against their will to be brainwashed and indoctrinated, so they can faithfully serve the Bioagora.

Shaiel (21 years old), a man who possesses the Pattern, has found himself forced to live in secrecy in order to avoid falling into the hands of the Bioagora. However, as time passes, it gets more difficult to escape from a power which is increasing exponentially. Seeking for allies has become unavoidable, and it seems that the only alternative available are the Celtas; a small and poorly organized group with unorthodox methods, whose plan to face the Agents and restore an order different to the Bioagora’s seems near impossible.

As the rest of the population stay impassive in a gray world, Shaiel will have to play his cards right and find out the truth hidden by the Bioagora, the Celtas and himself.” ~ Excerpt from Omega Pattern Website

Bird Impressions

I can’t help but feel conflicted about how to talk about this game. It’s got a great concept, the art style and music score is original, and I found myself really enjoying the choices I had to make. In spite of this, I don’t feel like I’ve seen enough of the game to write a full review.

What I played is considered the first part of the story, yet it felt entirely like a demo to me. You encounter interesting characters, discover more about Shaiel’s backstory, and make key decisions that affect the way the decisions inevitably play out. With just one playthrough and not checking out the other choices, I clocked in a playtime of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Omega Pattern 2

In reality, besides a number of flashbacks while our hero recovers in a hospital bed, nothing happens. Sure, we learn more about the world he lives in and his childhood, but the story stops short of actual progression. Part 2 is in development.

In my mind I’d imagined the beginning of an epic, where the hero must control his abilities and keep one step ahead of his enemies, while learning a bit more about himself along the way. It certainly felt like it was veering in an exciting direction- that just didn’t have the time or resources to further explore the possibilities.

I want to give this game a chance, and I definitely think it’s worth checking out the demo at the very least, but there needs to be more. I hope that when part 2 comes out, everything I’d expected from the first will be fully realized, and I can praise it for the game it wants to be. But for now, Omega Pattern is only a portion of a game that never truly begins.

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