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Now On Steam – Yozora Rhapsody

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New Release – Yozora Rhapsody

Developed by Yume Creations, Yozora Rhapsody is about a happy family going on vacation. A Mysterious meteor shower hits and things get a little crazy in paradise! Now, I couldn’t tell too much from the description, other than there are NSFW patches, so I assume the story gets a bit naughty here and there. Keep that in mind before buying!


Adventure, Sexual Content

Story Synopsis

“The player will take the role of Sorata Hoshikawa, who just got a promotion at his work place with a nice bonus and a two weeks holiday. Perfect opportunity to celebrate his 10 year wedding anniversary with his wife Kotoko. Together with their daughter Hotaru, they are traveling to a tropical island in the south and have a very nice time in a beautiful paradise. But on one night a meteor shower appeared and everything changed…” – Excerpt from Steam


According to the latest reviews, a walkthrough might be necessary in order to achieve the best endings. You can find this by clicking here!

Enjoy Paradise

Yozora Rhapsody on Steam

Additional Links

Yume Creations Website

Their Twitter

And Tumblr!

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