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Now on Steam – When Our Journey Ends

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New Release – When Our Journey Ends

When Our Journey Ends is a fantastical tale featuring a seventeen year-old girl who takes a train home to her family, only to wind up at a stop that will change her life forever. Developed by Afterthought Studios, I can’t help but get super strong Ghibli vibes from this one!

Kickstarter-Backed and Tracked!

When Our Journey Ends was kickstarted back in November of 2016, reaching its goal within a single day! From then on, stretch goals like voice-acting, a soundtrack with vocals, and additional cgs were met in stride.

I can definitely see why. This game is gorgeous, with an original art style that takes it to a whole ‘nother level. The trailer music┬ámakes me want to insta-buy the soundtrack! That’s just me.

Note: Voice-acting for the game will be added around between March and April, so stay tuned for that!

From the Makers of Forgotten, Not Lost

Afterthought Studios developed and released a short, emotional visual novel called Forgotten, Not Lost back in April of 2016. They are currently working on A More Beautiful World which was also successfully backed on Kickstarter. A More Beautiful World is set to release sometime this year.

Where will Your Journey End?

For more information on their latest release, delve into the links below! There’s also a demo for the game, so try before you buy!

When Our Journey Ends on Steam

When Our Journey Ends Demo

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