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New Release – After Guardian Angel

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After Guardian Angel is Released!

After Guardian Angel is about a death god who is tasked with taking the soul of a girl that has less than a week to live. Developed by Zhaie.Yuemn, this release is a remake of the original game released back in 2013.

The game features only two characters – Ren, an expressionless death god that’s too curious for his own good, and Ai, a playful but sickly girl. Will Ren be able to send this girl to the afterlife?

I don’t know, she looks too adorable to send anywhere!

The remake as well as the original version of After Guardian Angel is available for free on Check it out and be sure to let the developer know that you think on Lemmasoft!

Take Me to the Downloads!

After Guardian Angel Remake on

Original 2013 Release on

Tell the Developer what you think on Lemmasoft!

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