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NaNoReNo 2017 – Witches at Summer’s End

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NaNoReNo 2017 – Witches at Summer’s End

Witches at Summer’s End by cloverfirefly was a very pleasant surprise for this year’s NaNoReNo. To start, the art is beautiful, from the sprites created by the developer to the dreamlike backgrounds by Robin Kaplan. While the story skirts around supernatural and magical elements, I was drawn in most by the powerful themes of friendship.


Friendship, Empathy, Witches

Story Synopsis

Summer is ending and nothing can last forever. The Admiralo Island Witches Club meets up for one last adventure before fall begins.” ~ Taken from Game Page.

Bird Impressions

There are some visual novels that insist on adding a ton of backstory, explanations, and flashbacks for the side-characters they include in their games. While those elements work well for regular ol’ books, I’ve always felt that some of the best visual novels are those that can sum up what’s happening within a few sentences, leaving readers invested while allowing room to relate to the characters.

I think Witches at Summer’s End does this extremely well. Each friend’s colorful personality was all I needed in order to like them. I didn’t need to know exact details as to why the main character was going away- and in fact made me relate to her all the more. We’ve all had experiences where things change. Changing schools, graduation, friends leaving to begin a new life- we’ve all been there, and this visual novel really had me remembering my own goodbyes to the friends I’d grown up with.

Ahem, rant aside, there’s a lot to love about this little game, and I’d definitely recommend giving it a look. I’m all wishy-washy about friendship and all, but there’s also a (haunted?) house, spirits, and some interesting story elements mixed in as well!

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