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NaNoReNo 2017 – Study With Me

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NaNoReNo 2017 – Study With Me

Study With Me by Bruised Banana is the complete demo for a possible Pomodoro App slash visual novel. As someone who loves trying out new gadgets to increase my productivity, I was absolutely tickled at the thought of having a game and an app all in one and am quite happy with what I’ve seen so far.


Productivity, Light Story Elements, Companion

Story Synopsis

Visual novel-productivity app hybrid. Learn how to maximize your efficiency with the Pomodoro technique… and make friends while you’re at it.” ~ Excerpt from Page

Bird Impressions

Like the demo states, the story mode only features one day as a proof of concept. It introduces the player to your companion, Roro, who simply wants to help you get things done and invites you to study with her. You can study at the beach, at a cafe, or at the library, and all come with the ambient, peaceful sounds to help you focus. A timer counts down to 25 minutesĀ and encourages you to get tasks done within that time- or at the very least, get started.

I’ve been a fan of the Pomodoro technique for a while. It’s often how I manage to get posts out on EvnTide each week! Being able to play this game while simultaneously testing out their prospective app has been a joy. Even though Story mode is quite short, you can also choose to just use the Pomodoro Timer on its own, which was a pleasant surprise.

I’d love to see a finished version on mobile phones more than anything, but overall I hope they continue work on Study With Me, it’s a great little hybrid that introduces the technique and encourages productivity.

Well, What Are You Waiting For?

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