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NaNoReNo 2017 – Straight Up – Sister-zoned

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NaNoReNo 2017 – Straight Up: Sister-zoned!

Straight Up: Sister-zoned! by Sayumi101 is about the oft-awkward love between childhood friends of different ages and different social classes. The story is well-told, with plenty of romantic and humorous moments along the way.



Story Synopsis:

Since as long as she can remember, Shuna has borne an unrelenting crush on her childhood friend who lives across the street from her. There’s only this one LITTLE problem: He sees her as a little sister… nothing more, nothing less…

Then again, she was turning 18 soon, so things were bound to change.

But her parents plan to announce her engagement on the very same day!!!

Play as Shuna, as she decides to actively pursue this fake older brother of hers.
Will she steal his heart away? Or will she stay the ‘little sister’ character and concede to fate?
You decide!~” – Excerpt taken from Page

Bird Impressions

I was pleasantly surprised by this game for sure, most definitely due to the sheer amount of character development between Shuna and Atsuya. While there were plenty of humorous moments, the culminating climax in the visual novel is one of the most satisfying moments in Straight-Up: Sister-zoned! Also, the nameless fiance you meet later on in the game is charmingly awkward! I almost hoped that there was a happy route into his heart as well!

If you like romance, you’ll be sure to enjoy this one. It’s a great little tale and deceptively long for a NaNoReNo game. Take some time with it and get all three endings!

Don’t be Sister-zoned!

Play Straight-Up: Sister-zoned!

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