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NaNoReNo 2017 – Give It Time

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NaNoReNo 2017 – Give It Time

Give It Time by Naomi Norbez is a text-heavy entry that focuses on the perspectives of 6 interlinked individuals during one month in 1988. While there is art, the emphasis and strength lies in the narrative that the developer weaves into a competent tale about monsters, abuse, sacrifice, and patience.


Short, Experimental, Monsters, Abuse

Story Synopsis

A man is on his death bed.
A son finds an escape.
A woman is locked away.
A daughter is growing impatient.
A mastermind plays his game.
And the creature lurks in the shadows. . .“- Excerpt from Page

Bird Impressions

As someone who’s played most of Naomi’s games, it’s always a pleasure to see a new game. I found each character interesting and compelling in their own way, making even the villain of Give It Time someone I wanted to understand just as much as the mysterious Black Water or the helpess Diana.

I was only able to play through the game once, and because the game lacks a save feature (atm), I highly recommend setting aside at least an hour before delving into it. I’m happy enough with the ending I received, though it makes me desperately want a sequel that ties everything up!

If you’re looking for a NaNoReNo game with pretty strong character writing, definitely try this oneĀ on for size.

Be Patient

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