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NaNoReNo 2017 – BAT

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NaNoReNo 2017 – B.A.T.

B.A.T. by Avior is a NanoReNo games that draws inspiration from the Hatoful Boyfriend series. Instead of romancing pigeons, in B.A.T., it’s all about caring for and raising the affection of a number of bats with varying personalities and goals. Despite their cute and friendly ways, they hold a secret that can only be unlocked after obtaining all the endings.


Animal Dating(?), Light Mystery Elements, Short

Story Synopsis

“You’ve just been hired as a part time night shift worker at a local conservatory for bats. The conservatory is equipped with state of the art technology that allows for communication between humans and bats! Your job is to watch over them from midnight to six, and make sure they are given food and water and are played with. If you keep them happy, things just might go well for you! And if not… well, who knows what such creatures of the night might be planning…” [Excerpt taken from]

Bird Impressions

Hatoful Boyfriend was one of my favorite games, so when @sleepyagents recommended that I check out B.A.T., I had no choice but to dive right in! There’s just something cute and wacky about trying to raise the affection of an animal! While these bats aren’t romantic interests, you are solely responsible for their care. One way or another, you’re going to find a bat to bond with, which is B.A.T.’s greatest strength.

The characters all have their own distinct personalities, and while all were interesting, I found myself forming a bond with the shy but caring fruit bat named Bernard.

It’s easy enough to achieve the ending you want. You just need to control the amount of affection each bat has, which you can view via the very helpful information bar at the top left of the screen. There are 7 initial endings and one true ending. I admit, I had to use the super helpful guide that Avior has also attached to the game page for a couple of them.

Each bat has their own original design along with a human avatar to reference back to. The bats and their human counterparts are all adorable, and while the background doesn’t stand out that much, it doesn’t need to. In terms of design, it is the interface that deserves special recognition. You’ll find out later that the interface will response to various story elements in original ways. It also allows you to feed, water, and play with your bat, which is lovely.

I would personality love to see a more fleshed out version of the game, but for what it is right now, B.A.T. is well worth playing. It’s a short, enjoyable romp that allows for a longer playtime should you decide to obtain every ending. Just remember though – Bernard is best and cutest bat. 😉


Go Batty!

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