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March Releases on Steam

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A Recap of March Releases

While more games may be released before the month is over, there are a few notable visual novels released within the past couple weeks that are worth knowing about. Sometimes I’m not able to cover them individually due to time constraints, so having a brief recap can bring a little more attention their way! Let’s get started!

The Last Weekend by KexBoy

Genres- Adventure, Short, Mature (AO 18+)

This game has a lot of mixed reviews and I haven’t check into yet myself, but it’s short and free. There are 4 different characters to play as the protagonist, and the goal of the game is to collect items in order to further interact with other people. This is a mature game with mature themes and scenes, so keep this in mind before poking at it!

Fix Me Fix You by Sapphire Dragon Productions

Genres- Drama, Slice of Life, Some Sexual Content

“‘Fix Me Fix You’ is an uplifting, positive and therapeutic slice of life drama Visual Novel. Its an emotional story about finding yourself, recovering from depression and turning your life around.” – Excerpt from Steam.

I just love that description. It looks like it has a lot of promise, with additional voice-acting, multiple endings, and a deeper storyline. The game is priced at $6.99, but if you like the soundtrack, you can get both in a bundle for only $7.98.

Sounds of Her Love by DS-Sans

Yep, you heard it right! This game made it right through Steam Greenlight with flying colors, and I couldn’t be happier! I briefly covered Sounds of Her Love when I announced the game in this post, so for general thoughts and info about the game, check there. Otherwise, you’ve got nothing to lose! It’s free, fully voice-acted, with a fair bit of content that will tide you over for a while.

A Foretold Affair by GB Patch Games

I’ve known about this game for a while and had planned to cover it before GB Patch let me know about their other game on GreenlightThey just keep pumping these visual novels of epic proportions out there! This one is already readily available, featuring an abnormal-looking protagonist who already knows who they’re fated to be with- it’s just a matter of convincing them! Featuring a whopping 150,000 word script, and a customizeable story, I’d say A Foretold Affair is definitely worth a look!

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