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Looking for Feedback!

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Feedback is Lovely

The first week of EvnTide is done and now I’m looking for feedback!

While this site is still in its infancy, lemme know your thoughts! How can I improve? Is there anything you’d like to see more of?

In the future, I’d like to also begin adding and promoting other content creators that focus on visual novels as well. If that’s your niche and focus on making videos, reviews, lets plays, and podcasts, shoot me an email and let me know about it! I’m lonely!

Visual Novel Reviews?

Visual novel news and the occasional features are going to keep me quite busy for a bit. I know I’ve had some questions about adding reviews to the site, and while that’s not my focus, I’d be more than happy to incorporate and host reviews from volunteers.

What I’ll Get:

  • More content, wheeee!
  • Less to write, wheeee!

What Developers will Get:

  • More content creators they can reach out to with their games!
  • More VN-related websites wewt!

What Reviewers will Get:

  • Promotion across another website’s followers
  • Full credit with links to your own sites and spaces.
  • …Eternal grateful love for helping me fill up this site with goodies? 😀 <3

Eventually, when my website is super amazeballspompomexplosions popular, I’m sure I might receive the occasional review key to give out to any interested writers. But that’s not for a while yet! Anyway, if you’re interested, I’m always around on twitter @bluebirdplays and emails make me feel important!

Final Words

If you like what this website is doing, the best way to support it is to let others know about it! I wanna keep doing this for a good long while, and I want EvnTide to become a resource for both developers and visual novel fans who want to know what’s out, what’s cool, and what’s promising!

Thanks guys,

Till next week!

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