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Last Hours Remaining – Manga Me Kickstarter

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Last Hours – Manga Me

Manga Me, developed by Late for Dinner Studios, is not a visual novel. Rather, it’s an AI-powered app that¬†turns a photo of you into a manga/anime portrait. You can then use these portraits for showing off to friends or making your own visual novels!

The Process

According to the developer, funding is needed for this app in order to “train” the artificial intelligence to recognize face and body structure.¬†When you contribute at least $15, a manga artist will create a portrait in your likeness and use that to build learning profiles for the A.I. they’ve affectionately named Marie. You also receive this portrait as a backer reward for contributing, so if you like art, this may be up your alley!

Time is Running Out!

Sadly, I only received word about this Kickstarter only 5 days in advance of their campaign ending, so at the very least, give this one a view, check it out, and see if it’s an app you’d like to support!

Support the Campaign!

Manga Me Kickstarter

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