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New on Kickstarter – Your Royal Gayness

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New Campaign – Your Royal Gayness

Your Royal Gayness is a humorous visual novel with a focus on kingdom management…and avoiding marriage with the princesses of surrounding regions because, well, you’re gay.

Developed by Lizard Hazard Games, the visual novel follows the life of Prince Amir, who is in charge of running the kingdom while his parents are away. He’s got a handful of advisers to help him make decisions about the problems in his kingdom while occasionally driving away pesky princesses looking for love and power.

With Kickstarter support, Your Royal Gayness will be able to complete the rest of the game and add the following key features:

  • Additional Events like ballroom dances and assassination events
  • Challenges when the kingdom is suspicious of your behavior
  • A Management Phase where you command your advisers and manage your kingdom’s resources

They will also be able to hire freelancers for art, writing, and marketing with your help!

Bird Impressions

I checked out the demo of Your Royal Gayness last weekend and am super stoked about it! The art style is original and I’ve always enjoyed kingdom management games. You’ll come across grandma-eating wolves terrorizing your kingdom, a giant glitterbomb covering the streets in sparkle, among other scenarios. I can imagine easily being sucked into this game from start to finish.

Sample the Game!

Download the Demo

Support the Kingdom of Al-Marahij!

Your Royal Gayness on Kickstarter 

Additional Information

Lizard Hazard Games Website

Your Royal Gayness Presskit

Lizard Hazard Games on Twitter

Lizard Hazard Games on Facebook


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