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New on Kickstarter – Kachuna

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Kachuna Campaign Begins!

Kachuna, short for “His Chuunibyou Can’t Be Cured”, is now on Kickstarter! Developed by Tamaya Kagiya, you play as Jun Mizushima, a charismatic young man who just wants to win the annual International Youth Game Development Competition with his friends! A romantic comedy visual novel, Kachuna hopes to receive the necessary funds to finish up the game and distribute it across, Steam, and the like!

The developers expect to be able to complete the game this Summer. The price will be $14.99 on Steam, and promises around 20 hours of gameplay.

Bird Impressions

I was only able to play about an hour of the demo, but I like what I’ve seen so far! The music is upbeat¬†and the art direction is wonderful. The story starts off a bit slow – lotta bickering to settle between friends – yet the characters themselves have their own unique charm. I really like it, and am confident that the entire game will be lovely.

Sample the Game!

The developers have offered a 5-hour demo, which will be more than enough for players to decide whether they would like this game or not!

Download the Demo

Support Kachuna!

Kachuna Kickstarter

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