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Now on Kickstarter – Episicava

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Ghana-Based Studio Launches Kickstarter & Trailer For Ambitious Visual Novel

Submitted by Top Hat Studios Inc.~

Recently, small Ghana studio Epic Works has partnered with NYC-based developer and publisher Top Hat Studios, Inc. and adult games distributor Nutaku to bring their ambitious debut project, Episicava, to life.

A short trailer for the game can be viewed here, and a short introductory demo can be picked up on

Episicava described itself as a game “inspired by some of our favourite visual novels like Fate/Stay Night, Episicava is an action/adventure epic following  Arin Arlento and his female companions as they navigate their world’s treacherous dangers and wonderful sights.

Betrayed, defeated, and left alone in the cruel wilderness, the story follows Arin’s quest for retribution; one that questions friendship, revenge, and human nature itself. Surrounded by a cast of quirky heroines, the story features a selection of scenes which range from slice of life to heart-breaking sadness to nail-biting action – and of course, a few romance driven H-scenes as well.

The story in its entirety features over 500k words in around 35 hours of gameplay. It features numerous branching routes to help give readers insight into different perspectives – not just of the world itself, but those of the heroines and side characters too!”.

Episicava has launched on kickstarter with a goal of $5.5k, looking to finish off its budget after an initially unsuccessful attempt at raising funding on Nutaku’s experimental Kimochi crowdfunding platform.

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Episcava Demo

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