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New on Kickstarter – Chess of Blades

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Chess of Blades Campaign Begins!

Chess of Blades is a┬ámystery/romance (Boy’s Love) visual novel set in a fantasy world where anyone can be an ally or an enemy. It’s not easy being the son of a famous military strategist, as our protagonist Rivian Varrison soon discovers. Sent to the king’s birthday celebration in the stead of his parents, he has five days to enjoy the festivities.┬áThere are also some shady and colorful characters that may or may not desire his death. What an event!

Developed by Argent Games, Chess of Blades is on Kickstarter to help compensate the artists, voice actors, and composer they’ve contracted to work on the game. The script is 70% complete and barring the usual game development road block, they expect to release it in the Summer of 2017.

Bird Impressions

I played the demo and was quite impressed! The writing is very good and engrossing, and there is no doubt that the genuine flourish of the game also stems from the beautiful artwork. This is a gorgeous game, and I’ve only seen 20 minutes of it!

Chess of Blades has a lot of promise. This is a game with a clear direction and if it continues to be as amusing and delightful to play as the demo was, I’ve no doubt that it’ll get a fair number of fans.

Sample the Game!

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Chess of Blades Kickstarter

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