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Genie Review

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Genie Review

Genie by the X3 Brothers is a creative endeavor with an art style much inspired by the Victorian era. Black and white pencil drawings line the game, while elegant script dots each page. I felt immersed in this short but sweet mystery visual novel that kept me on edge from start to finish but found myself wanting a little bit more by the end of it all.


Mystery, Short, Stylized

Story Synopsis

“A series of mysterious murders jeopardize a detective’s career, forcing him to make a difficult choice in his life. What will your decision be?” ~ Excerpt from Steam.

Bird Impressions

Sometimes you just want a game that doesn’t look like all the rest. The anime art style is wonderful, but I yearn for more visual novels that develop their own style- one that befits the nature of their game. Genie is a complete package unto itself. Stylized black and white pencil drawings not onl draw the eye, but they make sense in their historical mystery game.

Genie 2

The people look straight out of old, dated illustrations you’d find in a book or magazine. The text gives off that seem feeling- written so elegantly that it can at times be hard to decipher names because it looks like you’re reading a letter from the world’s best calligrapher. That’s not a complaint though- all of this adds to a wonderful, immersive story that, while short, was satisfying and stands out from the rest.

My only true complaint is that the game is quite short. As a mystery visual novel, I expect to have a number of scenes before the culprit comes to light. Here, it felt almost rushed, and I was disappointed that I had to leave this strange world just as I’d begun to truly enjoy it.

I see a lot of potential for far more detective adventures with the cast from Genie and can’t wait for more from this developer. They’ve proven their mettle to me, and I highly recommend checking it out for yourself!

I Dream of Genie

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