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Featured Game – The Letter

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Featured Game – The Letter

Have you ever played a game that made you think- wow, this may represent the future of gaming? I have no reservations with saying this after playing the demo of The Letter by YangYangMobile. It’s a visual novel that definitely slipped under the radar but has impressed me so much in such a short amount of time!

Mature Warning

The Letter is meant for mature audiences. They promise plenty of frightening moments, along with strong language and sexual content, so be warned!

Story Synopsis

In the outskirts of Luxbourne City stands a 17th-century English mansion, rumored to be haunted by vengeful spirits. After reading a letter discovered inside on the day of its open house, seven people find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of madness plaguing the Ermengarde Mansion for centuries. Will they be able to free themselves from it, or will they become another casualty?” – Excerpt from Page

Bird Impressions

Seriously, play the demo, then come back and read my impressions. I fell over in love with it, from the writing to the animations and art style. The characters are interesting and with their own unique personalities, there are legitimately terrifying moments. I want more!

The Letter, to me, feels like the kind of visual novel you can show to a skeptic as easily as a fan. There’s never been a visual novel yet that’s left me feeling frightened. You have to have the right amount of tension and suspense to deliver an utter feeling of dread while reading text. The way this game approaches fear left my heart racing at the end- and that is an¬†incredible¬†feat.

If you like horror at all, this game, oh this game. It will be amazing when it comes out in late 2017.

Explore the Mansion!

The Letter Demo on

The Letter Steam Page

YangYangMobile on Twitter


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