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Featured Game – Pastel Rain

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Paint-Splattered Emotions!

Pastel Rain by Sayumi101 is a short yet charming visual novel about an artist struggling to bring soul to her paintings. Originally a project for the 2016 NaNoReNo, it was finally released on February 13th, just in time for Valentines Day.

I’m never usually looking for anything particular in short visual novels other than a good, coherent story. I find telling a short tale so much harder than writing some epic novella, so I love to see how other writers are able to create a situation and wrap it up so that their readers are satisfied.


  • Romance, School Life, Drama

Real Concepts

In the case of Pastel Rain, I found myself enjoying the plot because it felt relatable. Okay, so maybe I never had a club member with strange orange eyes, BUT! Like Emi, the protagonist, I am an artist who is always fighting off the need to look for imperfections my work. I’m always trying to put a piece of myself in my creations, to varied degrees of success.

Parents and their expectations are also a major point in the game and the driving force that has made Emi standoffish and rude to most of the people she meets. They act as unknowing antagonists that form the major conflict of the story and its told in such an emotional way that makes a good ending feel so rewarding.

Kou is a Cinnamon Roll

^- These are words from the developer themselves, and I agree! Kou, the love interest and genuine nice guy, is the perfect foil to the harsh and unfeeling Emi. He makes her realize that there’s more than simply exceeding the expectations of others, and there is a really genuine dynamic between the two that makes each scene really enjoyable! Plus, the banter between them is pretty stellar.

Pastel Rain is Endearing

I really enjoyed Pastel Rain a lot and would definitely recommend it. You don’t need to be a creative person to relate to the emotional turmoil that Emi feels throughout the game which helps make such a small tale so compelling.

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