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EvnTide Update – March 27

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Evntide Update for March 27

Hey guys! I hope your week if off to a great start! I wanted to go ahead and give some updates about what I’ll be up to this-coming month and how it will affect daily posts on EvnTide!


At the end of April, I’ll be moving to another state. As you can imagine, that sort of upheaval takes a bit of time to get through. Don’t get me started on packing!

My posting frequency is probably going to suffer a bit as a result. There may be days where I don’t post anything! No fear though, I’ll try to get at least a couple posts out a week about upcoming visual novel news and features!

Game Jam

I’m also hardcore working on a game for Tyranojam. I’m at a point where I know where my story is going, but now I need to fill it with art and start sticking it into the builder! You can see a few of my assets in this Lemmasoft Thread.

I’m really quite proud of the direction of my art. It’s definitely going through self-discovery mode while I work on what I want to put into the game!

NaNoReNo 2017!

There’s only a few more days until NaNoReNo is over and I still want to check out all the games that come out of this jam! There’s definitely no way that I can cover all of them, but you can expect some game features in the coming weeks as I intend to check out as many as I can!

Welp, That’s It!

TLDR– Less Posting Frequency for now due to real life and game jams. Will be checking into NaNoReNo games soon.

But if there is some important news and you want me to check out your game or distribute news, I’m always open! Just shoot me an email!


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