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EvnTide Guidelines

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EvnTide Guidelines and You!

I just wanted to clarify what I’m looking to post about on EvnTide and talk about the very few guidelines involved in submitting a story to the site. I’ve received a lot of support, suggestions, and help from the twitter folks that follow me. They helped me realize that I should probably put together a short list of guidelines so that the site doesn’t get spammed or way more hectic in the future than I anticipated!

What is Newsworthy?

Eh, I could just describe everything, but a bullet list would probably be easiest!

  • New Visual Novel Releases (Free or Commercial)
  • Major Visual Novel Game Updates (Mods, Overhauls)
  • Games on Greenlight (RIP) or on Kickstarter
  • Game Engine Tutorials (How to blah blah on Ren’py for example)
  • Press Releases
  • New Game Trailers
  • Visual Novel Reviews found on OTHER sites
  • Visual Novel Let’s Plays
  • Visual Novel Game Jams
  • Interviews and Conferences with Visual Novel Developers
  • Devblogs, Open Betas, Free Demos

Honestly, there’s probably a lot more than that because there’s always SO MUCH going on in the visual novel genre that I can only hope to keep up with it! If you want to submit a story but don’t know if it’s newsworthy, don’t be afraid to message me! I’ll be happy to let you know!

Ok, So What Are the Limitations?

While I really want to cover everything about every visual novel, there are just way too many developers and games out there to do so. This is what you, as a developer, should keep in mind before sending a story to EvnTide:

  • I am able to turn down a story if I don’t feel that it’s newsworthy. This is just that default disclaimer to keep me out of trouble from upsetting folks. If your story is fixing minor bugs or a really short Devblog, there’s a chance I won’t cover it. Think of each story you submit like a milestone. You’ve finally done something MAJOR AND COOL. IT’S TIME TO SHOW THE WORLD!
  • 98% Only English Visual Novels, not English-translated games. Why? Well, games from Japan often already have a large following and I don’t want to cover games with a gigantic fanbase. I wouldn’t do that game justice, and I want to focus on the smaller subset of Western visual novels because they aren’t as well known and they need more attention. Keep in mind there’s still a missing 2%. There are always exceptions to the rule!
  • You can submit news about your game once every 3 weeks. This is kinda why you should make sure your story is relevant and AWESOME. I just don’t want the same games to appear week after week because I want to showcase the variety of visual novels in and out of development. When you submit a story and it’s accepted, you’ll receive a date as to when you can send the next bit of exciting news EvnTide’s way. 🙂


If you aren’t too intimidated by my list of EvnTide Guidelines, I’ma just redirect ya over here where you can submit your visual novel news!

And, if there are any questions, feel free to ask down in the comments, on twitter, or through email! I’m always around!


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