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ATP Projects NaNoReNo Guide

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NaNoReNo Guide for 2017 and Beyond

Mikey from ATP Projects has a super useful document for new and veteran VN developers looking to dip their toes into the world of NaNoReNo. He’s provided this useful step-by-step tutorial for the past 2 NaNoReNos, and it continues to be relevant for all other game jams one might come across.

It can be really difficult to complete a game within a limited amount of time. For this game jam, developers have until April 3rd to submit their games. Each day matters, and Mikey’s guide aims to help creators focus on what’s important and organize their time thoughtfully.

Make it Happen!

As of this post, there were 247 entries for NaNoReNo 2017. That’s a lot of folks working and striving to finish their game in 30 days! I hope this guide helps the developers who are still in that eternal planning phases; who don’t know where to start or how.

Mikey’s Super Awesome Crash Course

Mikey’s NaNoReNo Guide – The Last-Minute VN

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