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Angels with Scaly Wings surpasses Player Expectations with 98% Rating

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Angels with Scaly Wings 98% Positive!

Submitted by DDS~

March 07, 2017 – Vienna, Austria

One month after release, Angels with Scaly Wings has managed to find its very own niche. Currently sitting at an impressive 98% rating on Steam (out of 175 reviews in total at the time of this writing), players seem to have a lot to say about the unique visual novel:

“I mostly expected it to be laughable, semi-pornographic bait, and was ready for it to be either amusingly bad or over-the-top in obviousness of how badly the creator would have been attracted to their own characters.

Instead, I was treated to a much more thoughtful and wordy experience than I could have expected. […]
For the next few days, I was hooked, spending huge portions of my day playing it and finding myself deeply involved in both its story and characters.” ❄kitten clanclan❄

“I kinda made fun of the game when I first heard of it, […] but after meeting the characters, and seeing what the world was like, and all of the things, I WAS HOOKED!
I want to try and get big youtubers to try this game out… just because I wanna see their reactions to this… And also because this game deserves more love than it has right now!” HokeTheDragonGod

A small but dedicated fanbase has already formed around the title, with new fan art being created daily.

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