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Ambre on Steam Greenlight!

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Ambre Now on Greenlight!

Ambre by Traumendes Madchen is a visual novel that is much more than it first appears. Don’t let the cute little girl on the cover fool you – the story of Ambre is deep and dark. It’s certainly one of the most thought-provoking kinetic games i’ve played.

A game that was initially created for a game jam 4 years ago, it is now on Greenlight with new graphics, a modern interface, and more language options!

Story Synopsis

As he is passing by a park, a depressed thirty years old named Tristan Mallory discovers a lost little girl. Touched, he decides to help by taking her in. But something is off about their relationship, very off. Will you be able to figure out their terrible secret?” – Excerpt from Steam

Bird Impressions

I played the original twice- once by myself, and again with my co-pilot Tretty. It remains one of my favorite visual novels because the twist is so unexpected that it left me with all the sad feels after playing. I’d recommend it to anybody!

Play the Game

Even though Ambre isn’t on Steam (yet), you can play the original version down below!

Download on

Let the Voting Commence!

Vote for Ambre on Steam Greenlight!

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