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Act of Mercy

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Act of Mercy

Act of Mercy by Zircona Works is a visual novel where things are not as they seem. There are 3 endings, over ten thousand words, and original artwork! It’s also free, which is pretty nifty!



Story Synopsis:

After awakening in a lavish but sinister theater, you are commanded by your mysterious captor to cure your own amnesia in order to find the succor you so desperately need. What secrets lie in your strange past? What former glories can you lay claim to? And what will you do when you discover all? – Excerpt from Zircona Works

All Feedback Welcome!

The developer urges players to leave comments and critiques for Act of Mercy if they check it out. This can be done via, but the original Lemmasoft post can be found here.

Check out the Mystery after Midnight

Download on

Zircona Works Website



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